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2 Week Training Special 

Coach Nikki wants to help you get extra fine this holiday season. 

Look y'all. I know if you are like me you have been eating good and enjoying the holidays. I also know that you love how you feel when you clothes fit good, your skin is glowing and people noticed you lost a few pounds. 

With that said I am offering y'all 2 weeks of training for $50. Y'all know drop ins are $25 each so I am looking out for y'all. I have 5 spots available ( UPDATE: there are now 3 spots left) . Don't play with it. I'm trying to get y'all right!

This is your opportunity to lose the holiday weight, get ready for your holiday parties and set yourself up for an impactful New Year. Don't be  a gatekeeper boo. Share the link with anyone who's you know needs this too!


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