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Founder and Head Trainer of SWITCH ENERGY FITNESS

Certified Personal Trainer

Registered Nurse Practitioner

Professional bodybuilder

Mother and wife

8+ years of fitness training experience

I am passionate about encouraging women to invest in their most important asset, their health. As a new mother I realized how consistently training and getting back in shape postpartum really made me feel more like myself again!  I created SWITCH ENERGY FITNESS to help women SWITCH their mindsets about fitness, with a focus on making it a lifestyle, and maintain the ENERGY they need to reach their life and body goals!


Heygirl hey! My name is Nicole Thomas and I am a passinate Fitness trainer. Well… I consider myself more than a trainer, but we will get into that later.  


If you are one of my personal training clients, have been to any of my group workouts or corporate / destination fitness events then you know...I absolutely love what I do! Creating a fun, challenging and unique workout experience for people of all fitness levels gives me life! Many people meet me, see my bright smile and energetic personality and think I have always been fit and happy. Well let me tell you... I don’t look like what I have been through. If it's ok with you, I'd like to share a little about how I got here.  

nikki transformation.jpg
My why

Seven years ago, I was extremely sick and I didn’t know why. I had no energy and would suddenly start crying without warning. I was awakened by suffocating panic attacks and my periods were all off. What really scared me was one day I looked at a picture someone took of me and I didn’t recognize myself. I had dark bags under my eyes, a feigned smile, hunched over posture and I was heavier than I had ever been. I thought” Who is that?!”.  I am usually so vibrant and full of life. Something was definitely wrong. I went to the doctor and she ran a ton of test. I just knew my thyroid was low or I had cancer. I thought it was the end for me y’all. Thank God all of my tests came back negative.  That was when I knew what was wrong. I was in total denial about how I was taking care of myself. What I saw on the outside was a physical manifestation of the stress, anxiety, depression, unhealthy relationships, and poor coping mechanisms I was dealing with on the inside.  

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I was tired of how I felt and with the encouragement of my best friend I tried an at home fitness program to get me moving. That’s when I felt alive again! Exercising relieved my stress and elevated my mood. The detailed program gave me new purpose and I felt accomplished each time I reached a new physical goal. My energy skyrocketed! Feeling and seeing results also encouraged me to consistently eat more mindfully and drink less alcohol. I was hooked! Fitness and living a healthier life became my lifestyle. People began to take notice my transformation and asked me to workout with them or train them. I loved helping other people reach their health and fitness goals, increase their energy and change their mindsets from doubt, negative self-talk and lack to positivity, abundance, and unconditional love for self. That’s when I knew fitness training and empowering others was my purpose. 

THE Testimony

I now know, I had to go through my own storm to help people get through theirs. I decided to make it official, become a NESTA certified fitness trainer and created my fitness training and coaching business. I have been walking in God’s purpose for me and empowering other people to meet their health and fitness goals ever since. I now do group trainings in Atlanta, Georgia. I am also an online trainer for clients around the country I do this while also caring for patients as a Nurse Practitioner at a major teaching hospital in Atlanta.


 I have a competitive spirit as well. I competed in two figure bodybuilding competitions in 2019 and won first place in my first show, winning my pro card. Yes, your girl is a professional bodybuilder. I love God, period.  Trying new vegan restaurants is my thing and I live for girl trips. So that is my story so far and it is only beginning. This girl from the tough East side of Cleveland, Ohio has a lot more living, loving and serving to do. How can I help you become the best version of yourself today?  

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