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To have reached a plateau means that have made progress but now your current habits are no longer effective for your body to change. As a result, you stop making progress.

This can be discouraging and frustrating, but don't quit! There is a solution.

To break a plateau and continue making progress towards your goals you will need to address your mental plateaus first. Your thoughts become actions and actions become habits and habits create your results and LIFE. If your mindset is stagnant your results will be as well.


Start here: Think differently. What habits do you know you should be doing, but when you think about them you feel resistance, defensive or maybe anxious?

What habits do you do consistently that you know are not in alignment with your goals and are sabotaging your results? Trust your inner compass, it will direct you to the answers. Those habits that you know need to change, are the exact habits that when changed will create a breakthrough!


Be kind to yourself as you decide to SWITCH those unproductive habits to better choices.

Love yourself through the challenging moments when you feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable moments are a good sign because it means you are doing something different.

Be consistent and create systems, boundaries and plans that will help you sustain your new habits.

- I knew you could! You got this girlie!

Coach Nikki

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