133 Sycamore Street
Decatur GA, 30030
(Located in Decatur Square) 

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Fitness that gives you life!

Become energized to do the things you love!

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Effective & High-Energy!

Our workouts are created to help you

Tone muscle

Burn Fat

Relieve stress



Get ready for your glow up!

Sis we get it! You want to feel more confident and have the ENERGY to do the things you love. We got you!
 Our fitness classes and programs will help you: 
  • Be more confident inside and outside the gym

  • Burn fat

  • Build toning muscle

  • Relieve stress

  • Manage depression and anxiety

  • Slow aging

  • Build your immune system

Our classes are what you need to stay inspired and motivated to consistently work towards your life and FITNESS goals!

We are stronger together


We understand life happens and sometimes we get distracted or discouraged along our journey to our life and fitness goals.


Our FITNESS accountability community will support you along your journey.


We are positive vibes only. We remind each other that our journey is done at our own pace, while encouraging each other to do better so we can be BETTER!

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