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Improve Your Workout Consistency with These 4 Things

To say consistency is key to weight loss is cliché but true. In order to reach your weight loss goals you will want to workout 3 to 5 days a week consistently. Well for many of us the thought of being consistent with our workouts is overwhelming and something that you have tried in the past and was not able to stick with long enough to reach your goals. We understand and have been there. So how do you become more consistent? Here 4 things you can do to get you there.


1) Change what you think about consistency

To be honest we are all pretty good a consistency in some way or another. We consistently do things like brush our teeth or go to work daily or make brunch dates with friends. We are able to do these things consistently because we see the value in them and when we see the value in things we prioritize them. In the case of exercise, deciding to make yourself and your exercise a priority or "nonnegotiable" part of your life will give you more energy and empower you to find the time to do it.

2) Make a plan

The next step is to put your workouts on your calendar just like any other important date you would have. Consider it your very special "me time" and reward yourself weekly for getting your workouts done each week.

3) Take progress pictures

Once you get started you may not see or feel a lot of changes. The scale may not change right away, but if you are working out 3 to 5 days a week 30 to 60 minutes a day, you will likely see changes in your body that can be best appreciated by progress pictures. Take progress pictures every month. When you see the changes you have made in your body you will be more encouraged to be consistent!

4) Find an accountability partner or group.

Accountability can seem scary but its really a great thing! A partner or group to help encourage you to workout even when you may not be motivated to workout is priceless. And the great thing is you can return the favor too!

So there you have it! You have the ability to be consistent. You just need to prioritize yourself and your workouts, make a plan, monitor your progress and have a someone who you can be honest with and encourage you along the way.

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