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Make This New Year Your Best One Yet!

We are approaching a new year and with a new year we reflect on our new goals and dreams. If you make a commitment to leave these 3 things in 2022 you will for sure have your best year yet in 2023!

Excuse me?!

Yup sis, in 2023 we are leaving excuses in the past and doing our best to not make excuses about why we aren't consistently working on our health and fitness goals. Excuses are easy to make and we may not even realize we are doing it. If you are consistently not eating mindfully, skipping workouts or generally not making progress on your goals there is likely an excuse ( or two) somewhere near by. An excuse may sound like..

I couldn't do this because this...

I tried to do this but that...

I wanted to however...

I ate this because it was...

My friends wanted to go out and we all do this...

I was stressed so I...

I didn't have time so I...

You get the point. Now, it's not that we don't all deserve grace, time to grieve, rest, fun, comfort and escape , however if you are noticing that your lifestyle isn't in alignment with your your goals then it is time to reevaluate how you spend your time, who you spend time with and what you give your power to. How do you break that habit of making excuses? Become a problem solver! Yup, take your power back and even during difficult seasons in your life, look for the opportunities to make things work instead of focusing on the road blocks. Be creative, keep showing up and do your best to put your energy in creating the best version of YOU everyday.

Mindless eating

Food is SO good! Food is fun, its comfort, its entertainment and its social. Food is Lit lol! Food is also fuel. Food is information and tells your body how to respond to stress and exercise. Food can give life or send you down a spiral of disease and illness. If you want a bangin body in 2023 you have to make a habit of eating more intentionally. Eat more whole food and plant foods that will energize your body, make your skin glow and help you focus. Minimize processed foods, fast foods, eating serving sizes so big that you didn't notice you were full 30 minutes ago, eating out of boredom, eating for a reward, eating because.. " that's what I always do". How do you eat more mindfully you may ask? Grocery shop weekly and buy foods in the outside aisle where the fresh produces, lean meats and grains are. Also creating a meal plan for yourself of healthy and tasty meals and snacks you will eat throughout the week will help. Stop and take a moment to breath before grabbing that donut at work. Remind yourself... I choose not to have that donut now because I want something better later! That powerful sis! Finally, find other ways to cope or soothe yourself when you have the urge to emotionally eat or are bored.

Unhealthy relationships

Ok sis... hold on don't go yet lol! Ok so unhealth relationships look differently for everyone. If you sit alone for a sec and assess your life you may recognize a relationship that is one sided, unnecessarily stressful and demanding ( I am not taking about our kids sis lol!) or may be causing you to act out of character, become depressed or anxious and zap your energy to care for yourself. I am no therapist ( though a therapist would be a great person to talk to if you are struggling with a relationship that is not serving your BEST self) however these types of relationships are in one word... STRESSFUL and makes it so much harder for you to do all the things you need to do to thrive like sleeping well, eating well and finding the energy or time to workout. Matter of fact, stress drives us to want to eat more salty and sugary foods and drink more alcohol to cope, which in excess can really run us down and push the scale up. Is there are relationship you need to leave in 2022? If you need guidance talk with a trusted friend, mentor, spiritual advisor or a therapist. There is no shame is talking things out and getting an accountability partner to help move on.

Ok sis... we ready! Bring on the new year and your new health habits! I can't wait to hear about the great things that come to your life this year because you left these 3 habits behind in 2022.

Happy New Year!
Much Love

- Coach NIkki
head trainer and creator of
SWITCH energy Fitness

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