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Handling mornings like a BOSS!

Girl it's time to elevate your morning, day and life with a morning routine. How we start the day sets the tone for the day and what we do consistently day in and day out determines what we will get out of life. If you feel like your actions aren't aligning with what you are getting out of life then it may be time to upgrade your #morningroutine.

So instead of jumping straight to IG to see what tea the Shaderoom is spilling

or quickly answering work emails, take a little time for yourself every morning to check in with yourself, how you feel and what you need to start your off day like a #BOSS!

Here's an example of a morning routine you can try. Add or remove things as you need. For example, if you workout in the evenings, you can replace that "exercise" with total body stretching, yoga, or journaling

The ENERGY behind our morning routine.

Drinking water will start you on the right track to be hydrated all day. You will continue to drink throughout the day ( about 8 cups) to keep you #ENERGY going and skin GLOWING.

Thanking God or being grateful allows you to see the good in life, and all your blessings, even when life is hard. Walking in #gratitude is an anchor we need when life gets rocky. It keeps us grounded. Plus, being grateful attracts more things to be grateful for. Practice gratitude daily to build your gratitude muscle.

Praying, meditating, reading the bible or an uplifting book before getting on social media or your emails allows you to check in with yourself, listen to God and see how you feel about life and what you need now and in the future. Checking into work or social media first can set a busy, confused or negative mindset for the day if we have not already intentionally fortified yourself with uplifting words and God's love.

#Exercising in the mornings will help you stay #fit and sexy for years. Getting it done in the morning will keep you from missing out on your workouts in the evening because life gets busy. Plus, It's a daily habit bosses do. Have you noticed all the cars in the gym parking lot are at 5am are luxury cars? It is not a coincidence. Bosses know working out in the morning gives you the ENERGY, focus, health and patience you need to be a boss at work, school or your home. GO get em GIRL!

So there you go. It's not as hard as you think. Start by setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier and work in what you can. Build more into your routine as your body and mind adjusts to waking up earlier. You will start to look forward to getting to bed so you can wake up and have the precious "me " time we all need to SWTICH our mindset and create the ENERGY to great be sis. #SWITCHYOURENERGY #SWITCHSWEATSLAY

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